55 Ton Crane Operator & Services in Minneapolis, MN

If you are needing any heavy lifting crane service in the greater Minneapolis area, be sure to contact Northland Crane Service. Our 55-ton mobile crane service and rental is a top choice for many in the area for all of their residential and commercial crane needs. Whether you are needing this heavy-duty National Crane boom truck crane service for storm damage clean up, lifting heavy construction items up to their proper place, or lifting heavy signage, our 55-ton crane is more than able to handle your project. Its 360-degree rotating base transports your heavy item from one side to the other with ease, all while keeping a close eye on it from the enclosed operating cab. Along with the rotating base, the heavy duty out & down stabilizing riggers make sure the crane doesn’t move while transporting the object throughout the air.

Are you needing a local crane service to handle your heavy lifting? Call Northland Crane Service today for your high quality 55-ton crane rentals and services!

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