HVAC Heavy-Lifting Services in Minneapolis, MN

Are you looking for a heavy-lifting service to complete your HVAC installation or transportation process? Northland Crane Services is just the company you’re looking for to provide a high-quality, capable crane service for your HVAC projects.

Whether the job requires a lighter lifting crane or a more robust and heavier lifting crane, we have the mobile cranes to suit your needs. Beginning with our smaller lifting services, the capabilities only increase from there. We carry 30, 45 and 55 ton cranes with telescoping booms reaching up to 128 feet tall, making sure to reach the heights needed to place, or replace, the HVAC units.

Along with our crane services for HVAC units, we also have the equipment to haul your heavy units to and from the project sites. Our equipment hauling services are a very popular service that often runs in tandem with our crane services. If you’re looking to streamline your new HVAC project’s transportation and crane operation logistics, Northland Crane Services has you covered. Call us today to learn more about our HVAC solutions!

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