175 Ton Crane Service in Minneapolis, MN

For the heaviest of heavy lifting jobs in the greater Twin Cities area, a 175 ton crane is your best bet.

Northland Crane Service provides mobile crane rental and operation services to commercial worksites throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul. The applications for our 175 ton crane are virtually limitless, and you can trust that this heavy-duty boom truck is strong enough for any job. If you’re looking for a 90 ton, 120 ton or 150 ton crane to complete a job, you can trust that our 175 ton crane will easily get the job done.

Whether you’re installing steel beams at a construction site or removing fallen trees from a residential neighborhood, our 175 ton cranes are the most powerful lifting machines that you can rent, and they can effortlessly accomplish projects that would place great strain on weaker boom trucks. Our licensed crane operators have the experience to control our 175 ton cranes with expert precision, finishing every assignment without error.

Here are some of the jobs which our 175 ton mobile cranes can make short work of:

  • Lifting and placing precast concrete in buildings or roadways
  • Erection of steel beams and trusses at construction sites
  • Installing or removing HVAC units and generators in homes or businesses
  • Removing large fallen trees from residential or commercial areas
  • Lifting and installing cell towers, water towers and wind turbines
  • Installation of oil well rigs
  • And many more!

When you’re working a job too big for a smaller boom truck, a 175 ton mobile crane will be your new best friend. Contact Northland Crane Service today for professional 175 ton mobile crane services in the greater Minneapolis area!

We also offer 175 ton crane services in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin!