175 Ton Crane Service in South Dakota

If you’re in need of major heavy lifting services in South Dakota, you should rent a 175 ton crane.

Northland Crane Service supplies mobile crane rental and operation services to worksites in Sioux Falls, Rapid City and all other areas of South Dakota. Between its immense lifting power and its endless uses, our 175 ton crane is a perfect fit for any large-scale construction project. If you’ve been struggling with a 90 ton, 120 ton or 150 ton crane, rest assured that our 175 ton crane will succeed where others have failed.

Our 175 ton crane can handle installation of anything heavy and unwieldy, from wind turbines to cell towers. All of our crane operators have the proper licensing, training and experience, so you can count on them to manage crane operations without any mistakes.

Our 175 ton mobile cranes are a perfect fit for all sorts of projects, such as:

  • Installing precast concrete for roads and buildings
  • Installing steel beams and trusses at construction sites
  • Installing or removing HVAC units and generators in homes and businesses
  • Removing fallen trees from residential and commercial properties
  • Installing cell towers, water towers and wind turbines
  • Installing oil well rigs
  • And many other applications!


    If there’s a job too big for any other mobile crane to handle, a 175 ton crane will be able to go the distance. Get in contact with Northland Crane Service today for trusted 175 ton mobile crane services in the state of South Dakota!

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