Tree Removal Cranes Services in Minneapolis, MN

Are you wanting a fast and effective way of removing that giant tree in your backyard or in front of your business’ headquarters? At Northland Crane Services, we have just the tools you need to lift that tree away from your property. There are a number of reasons one should consider using a crane to remove a tree. Crane assisted tree removals greatly decreases the amount of time it takes to remove the tree as well as the impact and danger to its surroundings. Cranes are often utilized and used within the tree industry, especially for heavy duty projects where large trees are located nearby buildings and other structures.

No matter what size the tree is that you’re wanting to move, our fleet of cranes is more than capable of completing any job. Beginning with our 30 ton crane, any project that turns out to be too big for this machine will utilize either our 45 or 55 ton mobile crane. These cranes can reach the tallest of trees as the 55 ton National Crane model can reach up to 128 feet into the air.

Crane Service For Tree Removal

If you’re needing a heavy lifting solution to remove an unwanted tree from your property, Northland Crane Service is the company to call. With almost 30 years of exceptional service to the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area, our crane operators are highly trained to complete each job with excellence and make sure the entire tree removal process goes smoothly. Call today to learn more about our mobile crane services for tree removal!


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