120 Ton Crane Services in the Minnesota & Midwest Region

When you’re working on a big construction or renovation project, you can run into big obstacles. You might need to erect steel trusses and power pylons or clear things like dumpsters and HVAC units quickly, but these problems often demand the lifting strength of a 120-ton crane.

Enter the 175-ton rental cranes from Northland Crane Services! Our team has been diligently supporting contractors and homeowners across Minnesota and the greater Midwest for almost 30 years. Our 175-ton cranes can handle difficult or heavy loads that might strain a 120-ton crane without breaking a sweat. Each of our rigs is extremely versatile, capable of using brute force or a light touch to move heavy loads.

Our 175-ton mobile cranes are the perfect solution for a range of domestic and commercial situations. Whether your boat needs to be lifted to and from the water or fallen trees need to be removed from your backyard, our rigs can handle any residential task. Commercial tasks like erecting steel frames for new houses or installing heavy HVAC units are also a walk in the park for our 175-ton rigs.

All of our cranes are operated by our licensed crane crews. Our team can work safely and efficiently with yours to help your project run smoothly. 

Enlist our 175-ton cranes for a range of tasks that a 120-crane could pull off, including:

If you need to call in our 120-ton mobile cranes to support your next residential or commercial job in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, or the greater Midwest region, contact the experts at Northland Crane Services today!