120 Ton Crane Service in Wisconsin

Does your crew in Wisconsin need 120-ton crane services?

Heavy-lifting projects like cell tower installation, loading and unloading machinery, and lifting heavy objects like HVAC units will require high-grade equipment and the keen eye of a professional crane operator. If you are looking for 120-ton crane services in Wisconsin, you can trust that the 175-ton cranes from Northland Crane Service will exceed your expectations. 

Quality 120-Ton Crane Services

Northland Crane Service is a leading provider of 120-ton crane services in Wisconsin, with a range of capabilities suited for hundreds of types of jobs. Our team is fully licensed and focuses on safety, ensuring that projects are completed with minimal risk of accidents. We are also highly responsive and adaptable, with a deep understanding of the unique needs of our clients. Our experienced crane operators are knowledgeable about local regulations, ensuring that all jobs are completed safely and compliantly.

Our cranes are meticulously maintained by our technicians, who ensure our gear is always in optimal condition, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. Northland Crane Service can handle any 120-ton crane projects you may have in Wisconsin, including:

  • Setting mobile homes in place
  • Wind towers 
  • Installing well rigs
  • Water towers
  • Trusses
  • Removing trees
  • Pools 
  • Steel erection
  • Precast concrete for apartment buildings, parking garages, and more!


    Top-Choice 120-Ton Crane Company in Wisconsin

    Our crane services will allow you to accomplish your heavy-duty work more efficiently than ever before. Get in touch with Northland Crane Service today for the finest 120-ton crane services in Wisconsin!

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