175 Ton Crane Service in North Dakota

If you have an intense heavy lifting job in North Dakota, a 175 ton crane is what you need.

Northland Crane Service offers mobile crane rental and operation services to construction sites in Fargo, Bismarck and all other areas of North Dakota. With unrivaled strength and a huge variety of applications, our 175 ton crane can handle any project. If you want a 90 ton, 120 ton or 150 ton crane for a job, our 175 ton crane will make short work of it.

Whether you need to remove an old HVAC unit or install precast concrete, our 175 ton cranes are top-of-the-line machinery that can handle big jobs which would place excessive strain on smaller boom trucks. Our crane operators are licensed and have a great amount of experience, allowing them to complete operations with flawless precision.

There are many jobs that our 175 ton mobile cranes can be used for, including:

  • Precast concrete installation for roads and buildings
  • Steel beams and truss installation on construction sites
  • HVAC unit and generator installation or removal in residential and commercial buildings
  • Fallen tree removal in residential and commercial locations
  • Cell tower, water tower and wind turbine installation
  • Oil well rig installation
  • And much more!


    When the project is too huge for a smaller boom truck to manage, a 175 ton mobile crane will get it done right. Give Northland Crane Service a call today for expert 175 ton mobile crane services in the state of North Dakota!

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