150-Ton Crane Services in the MN & Midwest Region

Does your construction or residential project in Minnesota or anywhere else in the Midwest require some heavy lifting? A 150-ton rental crane can shoulder the load without breaking a sweat, and a 175-ton crane is stronger still.

Whether you’re trying to erect a power pylon or wind turbine or removing some heavy fallen trees from a residential area, a heavy-duty crane is more than up to the task. At Northland Crane Services, our 175-ton rigs are ideal for intimidating jobs. Our team has been supporting contractors and homeowners in Minnesota and the greater Midwest region for nearly 30 years.

Contractors can depend on our 175-ton mobile cranes to get their next job done right, whether you’re trying to position heavy precast concrete blocks while building a road or faced with the task of lifting bulky HVAC equipment into place for your client. Our cranes are controlled by our experienced operators. We work with your team to finish each project safely, and efficiently.

Domestic clients can also enlist the help of our 175-ton cranes. Need the framework for your new self-built home erected? Have a huge tree to remove from your backyard? Let our specialists take care of the heavy lifting for you. 

Our 175-ton rental cranes are perfect for 150-ton crane jobs like:

If your current project needs a bit of muscle, rent one of our 175-ton cranes for the job. Call Northland Crane Services today for reliable 150-ton mobile crane services in Minnesota and the rest of the Midwest!