Wind Turbine Hauling & Crane Services in Minneapolis

Throughout the state of Minnesota and the nation as a whole, wind energy is continuing to gain popularity as a source of providing clean energy to communities and corporations. These structures can vary in height and size, but two things remain constant: the need for efficient transportation to their installation site, and the need for a crane to lift the sections into place.

At Northland Crane Service, we can provide both of these high quality services for your wind turbine installation projects. Our mobile cranes feature lifting capacities of 30 tons, 45 tons and 55 tons with our reliable National Crane lifting units. Our heavy duty truck hauling services are a robust and trustworthy option to transport your wind turbines from the production facility to the installation site.

MN Cranes For Wind Energy

As we’ve faithfully served the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area with high quality wind turbine crane services and heavy hauling solutions for almost 30 years, we’re committed to providing you with the same top notch service we’ve always delivered.

Contact the dependable wind turbine crane lifting and truck hauling company today to learn more about how we can assist in your wind energy project!


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