Precast Concrete Crane Services in Minneapolis, MN

Is your construction site needing a heavy duty and reliable mobile crane service to lift and set precast concrete into place? With Northland Crane Service, you will not have to worry about the quality and effectiveness of your onsite crane operator. Having operated for almost 30 years, our crane operators and processes have proven to be successful in each job we’re a part of.

As this task requires the highest quality of crane operators and cranes, we are proud to have confidence in both. No matter what size the job is, our cranes are more than capable of completing the precast concrete project. To execute each job, we have top of the line National Crane models that feature 30 ton, 45 ton and 55 ton lifting capabilities. They also have the ability to reach up to 128 feet in the air with its telescopic boom.

If you’re looking for the best crane service for your precast concrete construction projects, Northland Crane Service is the place to go. Call us today to learn more!

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