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Do you require crane services for your refinery in Minnesota?

When working on a petrochemical refinery in Minnesota, there’s always a lot of heavy lifting to be done. However, due to the volatile nature of these sites, safety needs to be the top priority. That’s where the experienced specialists at Northland Crane Service come in.

Expert Crane Services for Petrochemical Refineries

If you require some heavy-duty lifting equipment for a project at your petrochemical refinery in Minnesota, look no further than Northland Crane Service. Our dedicated team of professional crane operators has been assisting businesses across Minnesota for almost 30 years.

Our fleet of specialized cranes can aid you with difficult or dangerous tasks at your refinery in Minnesota. Each of our cranes is operated by one of our skilled technicians. We work alongside your team to complete the project safely and quickly to minimize downtime for your refinery.


    No task is too big for our cranes, which range from 30-ton machines to 175-ton behemoths. Our heavy-duty fleet can help you perform tasks such as:

    The Best Crane Services for Refineries in Minnesota

    If the team on your refinery in Minnesota needs crane services to tackle a difficult task, call the specialists at Northland Crane Service today!

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