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Do you need crane services for your cell tower project in Minnesota?

If your next construction project requires you to construct a new cell tower in Minnesota, you might need a helping hand. Cell towers can range from 50 to 200 feet high, which can present a real challenge. Thankfully, the experts at Northland Crane Service are here to help.

Professional Cell Tower Crane Services & Equipment

Our lineup of heavy-duty cranes can help you tackle your next cell tower building project in Minnesota. Our fleet can perform a range of tasks vital to erecting a cell tower, including moving concrete foundations into place and constructing the steel frame of the tower. Our high-capacity cranes can also provide the reach that you need to install antennae and other equipment on cell towers.

At Northland Crane Services, we’ve been providing support to building projects across Minnesota for nearly 30 years. All of our cranes are piloted by our dedicated team of specialist operators. Our drivers work with your construction team to get your cell tower project completed quickly, safely, and to a high standard.


    Our cranes range in capacity from 30 tons up to 175 tons, providing all the muscle you’ll ever need for your cell tower project in Minnesota. When tackling such a big job, our cranes can help you achieve tasks such as:

    Minnesota’s Leading Crane Services for Cell Tower Projects

    If you require crane services for your next cell tower project in Minnesota, contact Northland Crane Service today!

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