Local Crane Rigging Company In Minneapolis, MN

Are you needing high quality crane rigging services for your project in the greater Minneapolis area? You come to the right place. Here at Northland Crane Service, we specialize in performing all types of rigging services for different projects. Whether you’re looking for a crane rigging service to help with your residential storm damage removal needs, commercial HVAC unit installation, or large sign installation, Northland Crane Service will provide an exceptional rigging service.

For the past 30 years, Northland Crane has served the greater Twin Cities metro area with our high quality crane rigging services. Over the years, we have continued to improve our processes and systems of completing our crane rigging. This task of properly rigging a heavy unit such as a commercial HVAC unit or building trusses is a very precise job as the crane operator will need to account for many factors. Whether the object is oddly shaped, there is inclimate weather, or the angles are difficult, there are many different aspects of a crane rigging process that need to be checked. 

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Because of Northland Crane Service’s commitment to exceptional work, our crane operators make sure to take all factors into account and perform each rigging job as safely and effectively as possible. If you’re looking for a high quality crane rigging company in the greater Minneapolis area, contact Northland Crane Service today! Our crane rigging professionals are ready to help you lift your heavy material into place!