Crane Rental Company in Minnetonka, MN

Whether you’re needing a crane company to lift HVAC units onto roofs, raise trusses into their right space or move concrete precast into place, the experienced team at Northland Crane Service is able to help.

Our team is proud to serve the greater Minnetonka area by offering experienced crane operation services. As this wonderful city continues to develop and build more commercial and residential areas, heavy lifting machinery remains a necessity to complete each project.

With over 25 years of serving the greater Twin cities area, you can trust that our crew of crane operators have the skills and experience necessary to complete each job with ease and precision. Here are some of the crane services we offer:

Heavy-Haul Trucking Services

Along with our high quality crane operation and rental services, the Northland Crane Service team also offers heavy haul trucking services. These two services often go hand-in-hand with each other as an item can be transported and then lifted into place. Whether needing to install an HVAC system, wind turbine, precast concrete or any other large and heavy item, we’ll be able to take care of the transportation and lifting of the component.

Crane & Hauling Services In Minnetonka

For all of your crane operation, crane rental and heavy hauling services in the city of Minnetonka, contact the service experts at Northland Crane Service! Our experienced heavy hauling trucking team and crane operators are ready to assist your company in whatever heavy lifting project you’re needing completed.



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