Local Crane Services & Experts For Orono, MN

To keep your construction site safe, it’s recommended that you contact local crane service professionals for heavy equipment hauling and lifting. Luckily, our crane experts have years of experience and can perform HVAC hoisting, tree removals, iron/steel erection, trusses and more!

Our crane operators work safely and efficiently, to keep all projects running correctly and on time. At Northland Crane Services, we offer professional crane services that are affordable and reliable for a number of industries that require heavy lifting including cement companies, boat companies, tent companies, millwright companies and more. We are extremely versatile and are available to assist with any type of heavy equipment lifting or hauling.

Professional Crane Operators

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re in need of a local crane service company. We currently service the Minneapolis area and Northwest suburbs, including Orono and would be happy to help you expedite your next project.


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